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Learn Facebook Phishing Easily

 Wanna Hack Someone's Facebook Account?

Are'ou about to learn hack Someone's Facebook Account ? Then you're at the right place, here you can easily learn it, First of all we have to learn that, What is Facebook Phishing, How to hack someones facebook account in simple steps guidellines for facebook phishing hack, It's a facebook hack without any software.the easiest and most commanly use way of hacking facebook account is Phishing, Now we have to create a fake website that look like facebook login page. if any one enter his/her email and password on one of these, it will comes to you directly. So have fun!!

Now Just sign up in Bplaced.net,

The real problem in blaced is that, you need to sign up it at certain time because it has too much traffic.

Now you have to download these files


After that now you need to download a file which is named as filezilla, You can also download it from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php/

Next Step Is Very Dangerous, Called As Hacking :)

Now just open the filezilla, type in
Host: (your bplaced created account's link)
Username: ( your bplaced created account's name)
Password: (your bplaced created account's password)
Port: ( 21)
Now just press on quickconnect,

After that, insert (two files which you have downloaded named as index.html and send.php)

After that open your link whcih you have got from bplaced and press on index.htm then copy the link and send it to your friend,

Now you can send your fake facebook login page to your friends, when anyone enter his/her facebook account's password and email it'll be send to you directly which called as log.txt.

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