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About Me

Something About Me

Assalam O Alaikum Guys, so today i gonna tell you that who is Behind of PAKISTANIPUNCH. this is me Saeed Ajmal, i am 18 years old nowadays, and turning to 19 in this september, Currently i live in distric Umar kot sindh Pakistan, i can speak 4 languages, Urdu, English, Sindhi and Balochi. As a Profession I'm a web designer, SEO Optimizer and like to spend hours and hours to wright articles in some other blogs. i do not have any educational degree or maybe something like that, but i did every thing which degree boys can do. i learnt computer from teachers, internet and became a SEO expert and online money maker, in just very less time.
 After learnt so many things on internet, then create some secret blogs, i am feeling sorry for that, i can not be able to give you link of these blog. i am a part time article wrighter therefore i have lil bit shortage of tutorials or articles. but as time is passing slowly slowly i am wrighting some quality articles too to understand newbies more deeply. i am a senior blogging user i have deep knowledge therefore i can help you in these conditions if you hire me as you as i wanted.
  1. Blogging. (Wordpress Or Blogger)
  2. Making Money Online (Adsense, Affiliate, PPC, PTC, PPD, Freelancing)
  3. SEO (Expert in this field, Basic to advance.)
  4. Graphics Designing (Photoshop, Freehand, Corel Draw, Inpage)
  5. Officing (Word, Excel)
  6. Web Designing (HTML, CSS, Javascripting)
  7. Google Adsense ( A Network to earn money online with your website)
  8. Google Webmaster ( A tool to collect your web's satisfactional data)
  9. Google Adwords ( A Network to Sale your product in the internet)
  10. Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) It is enough :D others are wastage of time.
  11. Transfering a blog to another
 About This Blog
The idea of this blog came to mind when i was searching for a photo of punch, i found punch which one is on pakistani, and i was interested to make some new blogs too, therefore i have setted this name to this blog. and applied mostly every thing in this blog. mostly all things.

My Achievements And AIMs
I started blogging in 2011 and learnt SEO in 2012 and now consistentely i am working on this since last two years, and my AIM is to give you some basic knowledge, which you deserve. and i am achieving my goal.

I am using blogger.com since last two years, and i know more betterly about this widgets and templates and other tools about it. and now i can also create a template by myself.

Working With SEO.
As you know i mentioned it already i am working with SEO since last two years and i learnt from internet and tearchers in Umar kot. Sir Razzaq in Umar kot, and i have some other blogs too which are generatoring ton of traffic every day. it is not neccesary to mention them here.

Web Designing
This is a Field which i love most, i learnt everything about it like HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Blogger And JavaScripting, and now i can make a good looking website in just few hours.

My Message To Newbies 
I Studied Every thing But Never Topped, But Today The Toppers Of Best Universities Are My Employees.
By Bill Gates 

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